Introducing the Fleur-de-Lis Courtier Jacket collection
(super-car owners only special edition)

The Courtier collection of jackets have all been designed and created by Christopher Michael Shellis Founder of Borgezie. (the special edition jackets are for super-car owners only)

Like all super cars the jackets are created from the very best materials and crafted to the highest of standards of workmanship, resulting in a unique & iconic design of high kudos and pedigree, a characteristic that all super cars possess.

List of super cars qualified is based on age of establishment:

  1. Rolls Royce 1904
  2. Bugatti 1909
  3. Aston Martin 1913
  4. Maserati 1914
  5. Bentley 1919
  6. Ferrari 1939
  7. Lamborghini 1963
  8. McLaren 1985
  9. Pagani 1992
  10. Koenigsegg 1994