The founder of Borgezie, Christopher Michael Shellis, has over the 25 years in the field of design and the creation of fine jewellery. In this time he has also become fully accomplished in many skills acquired along the way, such as diamond setting, gold and silver smithing and precious metal sculpture casting.

These various skills learnt over time have enabled him to freely express his love of shape form and texture. He explains “We are all surrounded by pure perfect design in nature that can not be improved upon. It is just a matter of translating that design perfection. Such as the sheer elegance of a lily and its lily stamen, the inspiration of the famous lily stamen heal, originally used on the eternal diamond stiletto, and now on the Cleopatra range. This love of nature, even on a microscopic scale that we rarely see, like the perfection and symmetry of a single pollen grain, or the beguiling complexity of a single snowflake crystal that no two are alike that have fallen from the sky since time began. This love of symmetry is a natural instinct in us all.”

Christopher’s fascination with nature, has taken him into many different aspects of design, from architecture, steel furniture, dress design and textiles. The other great and important influence has been archeology and the treasures from classical civilisation around the Mediterranean. This interest has inspired him on all his creations in the treasure range. That treasure can be lost in the sands of time, but re-discovered and unearthed the treasure is still as beautiful as the day it was made. This immortality the test of a real treasure, has always been the aspiration of Borgezie.