"Sometimes the smallest of details are the most visible & important" - the Borgezie Fleur-de-Lis Solid Platinum Buttons & Cufflinks

The Fleur-de-Lis buttons, like everything in the Courtier range, were designed & created by Christopher Shellis. The buttons are a central and very important part of the 1558 Courtier range. Each button is cast in solid platinum or 18 carat yellow gold, with a straight-forward simple but robust & secure design, that is suitable for any two-holed button shirt (see Borgezie classical shirt range on home page). The buttons can also be easily fitted to any existing shirts with a simple button hole alteration.

Set of 9 platinum or 18 carat yellow gold plus buttons & cufflinks £4,000 (complete range £200,000)

Sales enquires = Email: chrisshellis@googlemail.com, Mobile: 07742 343815 (International: +447742343815).