There is no greater designer than nature itself

The creation of the Stiletto Lounge Jewellery has been very demanding in it's complexity, and Christopher has been fully immersed the project over the last 12 months of intense development. To finally arrive at a place of satisfaction of a job well done, with a creation reaching completion. All joints and welds are meticulously  inspected to exacting standards, construction itself is totally solid state and robust. Due to the build quality and construction of the lounge jewellery, Borgezie confidently offers 1000 year guarantee including the style. With its true iconic design and natural elegance it will be the only furniture 
you'll ever need or want.

Champagne Table £760 - Euro 915 - $1,244 Champagne Stool £695 - Euro 837 - $1,138 Dining Table £760 - Euro 915 - $1,224 Dining Chair £675 - Euro 813 - $1,105 

(For sales and general enquires please call +44 07742343815 Or email for any further information)

Photography by Christopher and Scarlett Shellis